Worky App FAQ

How does it work?

Install Worky through website. Create an account by giving your mobile number, email address and password. Make sure to allow Worky to access your location, contact list, camera and gallery.  

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information. 

Select the service you require and Worky will show you the service providers near you. 

Why I should I share my location?

Worky is a location-based service and needs to locate you on the map to find the most suitable service provider near you.  

What is ETA and how does it work?

ETA is the Estimated Time of Arrival of the service you required. Before requesting a service we provide you with the ETA to ensure the timely and best service delivery. 

How can I cancel the service?

You can certainly cancel a service without any cost. We do ask, however, that you cancel thoughtfully. Our platform is built on the principle of making the world a better place by connecting people. Each cancellation not only affects the success of our platform but also impacts the service seeker or provider directly.

Please consider the potential inconvenience your cancellation might cause before making a decision. Your understanding and responsible action are crucial for maintaining a supportive and effective community.

If you need guidance on how to cancel or have any concerns, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.

How can I provide feedback?

Once the job is completed, rate your service provider. This helps other users when making their decisions and also service providers to improve themselves and provide the best service.